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Besides my work in theatre and  performer training, I also have an interest in ecological performance work. Some is mentioned here.

The Bower Bird project

A three day, ecological theatrical laboratory in Rome aimed at actors, dancers, musicians, set designers, costume designers, focused on environment and more-than-human-character relationships to explore relations between agency and environment. LINK

Genius Loci and the disappearance of the human
An ecological exploration with the AssociationTeatrame in Como which developed a site specific ecological performance in a waste site which has been reclaimed as a garden. LINK
A series of site specific durational pieces that toyed with the idea that figure and scene do not have to be posed in terms of human /nature binaries. And that specific actions might stimulate emergant behaviour in those encountering the work.
Emergence is a process whereby larger entities, patterns, and regularities arise through interactions among smaller or simpler entities that themselves do not exhibit such properties. Emergent behavior cannot be predicted by examination of a system's individual parts. It can only be predicted, managed, or controlled by understanding the parts and their relationships.
Flights of birds, the formation of forests, anthill's, traffic flow and ecology arise through emergence.
We have been experimenting with emergent approaches to dramaturgy, clowning, energy, movement, acting and scenography for some time to identify a more ecological, mode of making work that has an impact on the bodies and emotions of the audience.
More about this and other modes of acting research can be found on my page on performer training.
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