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1616 The Secrets and Passions of William Shakespeare

*****, Gareth Somers, 1616 Shakespeare



Review 1616 The Secrets and Passions of William Shakespeare.


(Review and Pictures by Mark Russell @ The Open Eye)



‘1616: The Secrets and Passions of William Shakespeare’, written and performed by Gareth Somers, with some material by Anne Dixey and Directed by Lucyna Rossa last night at The Kings Arms, Salford.
I had expected the ubiquitous ‘One Man Show’; I really must have my ‘Level of Expectation’ tuned.
Kyd, Marlowe, Jonson, Burbage all graced us with their presence as did many and varied members of Will Shakespeare’s Family, the odd Serving Wench, Whore and Lover. Elizabeth 1 popped along at one point. Gareth did perform solo but I can, hand on heart, swear that all the others did ‘appear’.
If I may plagiarise from other reviewers – a not uncommon practice in Elizabethan times it is suggested – read on:


“Excellent production,captivating and a real theatrical experience.”
“Excellent in its range, detailed and magnificently performed.”
“Engaging, totally absorbing and poignant.”
“An astounding performance”





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